Great Danes

Great Danes are very majestic dogs and extremely loving, however they can also be very nervous and uncertain in a situation. Ive seen many a Great Dane puppy come through puppy school and they are shy, nervous, uncertain, lacking confidence don't know how to behave in situations.

Over the weekend, we met many people who have Great Danes and really care for them and understand the breed. Great Dane rescue groups are trying very hard to rehabilitate and rehome this wonderful breed. Great Danes need the understanding and leadership involved with owning this breed.

Great Danes can be pushy, dominant, aggressive just like any other breed and with their size people can get very scared of them. Children can get pushed around easily too because of their size.

If you are thinking about getting a Great Dane, make sure you really understand the work involved with having this majestic breed and understand their needs. Great Danes will be your most loyal companion.

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