Puppy problems

Everyone loves a new puppy! They are cute, beautiful, gorgeous, energetic, fun.....BUT they can also be a nightmare for those owners that either don't remember what it's like to have a puppy in the household, or they've never had a dog before.

Some really common problems that occur and what owners have to put up with are:

Toilet training and the lack of.
Chewing and mouthing, biting of your arms, legs, ankles etc.
Destruction of furniture, cabling, shoes, personal items, kids toys, hosing, watering systems, garden lights, plants, you name it, it's getting chewed.
Sleeping problems or waking up really early and then waking up the household.
No listening to the owners
No recall
No obedience!

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel, you don't have to feel that things aren't going to get better. Things will improve more and more as the dog matures more. Be patient with your puppy, be prepared for lots of things to go wrong but know that if you are patient with you dog, correct your dog the right way (so please please please no hitting or smacking) and don't expect too much of this little young pup you have, you will be OK. When you expect everything to be perfect that's when you will get let down immensely and quickly.

Be assured you are not alone! Email us at info@thedogblog.com.au for some tips on how to control these common problems.

There are some excellent ways to keep your puppy busy, fun toys for your dog to play with and particularly puppy toys for them to cuddle up to like these ones -

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