Some breeds are harder than others

8 Jul

Some breeds are harder than others

New mums and dads out there dont realise that sometimes they actually choose the wrong breed for them and their environment.

Have a think about what lifestyle you have, where you live, how big your backyard is, how much time you have to spend and really train and stimulate your dog and your dogs mind.  Think about kids, babies, are you planning a family, have you just had a baby, are little kids running around or do you have many other pets which might not like the new addition, such as cats or chickens?  Vice versa, your dog might not like them.

Its very unfair of you to choose a dog and then expect him/her just to fit into your environment and lifestyle.  As humans, we expect just to be able to have this happen, but we forget they are a different species and we expect them to just 'fit in' to our human society.

Research the breed you are thinking of taking into your environment, speak to your vet, your behaviourist, your breeder, your trainer and it will give you a better idea of what breed will work for you and your family.  This way you are setting everyone up for success!

Good luck!

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