Toilet training your puppy

8 Jun

Toilet training your puppy

Toilet training your puppy can be such a pain - I have instructed on this for years now and with patience and perserverance it can work! Trust me, dont give up.


Key times for your puppy to want to go to the toilet are -

When they first wake up either in the morning or after a nap

When they first see you - this might be an exciteable wee (dont tell them off for this one)

When they are running around playing then oops they may need to go

Generally after eating and drinking, about 1 hour after eating for a poo, about 10 minutes after drinking for a wee!


If you stick to remembering these key times then you will start to realise when your pup is perhaps wanting to go.  I would grab your pup and get them to their toilet spot at these times or even if you have the time every half hour to every hour whereby you take your puppy to the toilet spot of your choice and wait to see if they go.  If they dont then thats fine too, but eventually your puppy will go and when he/she does please praise your pup heavily.  Once this occurs your pup will want to repeat the behaviour over and over again as it was all very positive and they grow in confidence.

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