When your dog is attacked

2 Jun

When your dog is attacked

By Nicola Behaviour confidence

Well this is an interesting one, when your dog is attacked by another dog, it can really affect their self confidence, they recognise breeds and can easily be nervous or scared around the breed in the future.  Dont throw them straight back into the same environment again, as in if it happened in the dog park.

Dog parks are a problem, they can be wonderful, however they can also cause lots of problems.  There are so many variables to a dog park and not every dog likes every other dog, just like humans, we don’t like all humans, we cant expect our dogs to like every other dog.

Take it slowly and build your dos confidence again, take them out for walks that are positive and full of fun and don’t have them too close to other dogs initially, maybe across the street or something like that, not too close otherwise another dog might be too intimidating to your dog.

If you force your dog to interact too soon with other dogs, as this will force your dog into a corner where they only have two reactions, fight or flight and you don’t want this.

Look at getting a professional behaviourist to look at your dogs issues, regarding nervousness, phobias, shaking, uncertainty and make sure the methods are positive and ALSO not ‘fluffy’, as in the beat around the bush and don’t really get anywhere with the dog....this will actually make your dog worse.

Many questions about this scenario...if you email me I can contact you and talk in depth about your dogs problem and how to provide the correct leadership to get your dog back on track.

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