Why Socialising your dog is important

11 Oct

Why Socialising your dog is important

Socialising your dog from an early age is particularly important.

Preferably from when you get your dog as a puppy, start them young and get them to puppy school. This allows them to run around and learn various behaviors that are key to them communicating well with other dogs. The puppy school instructor will make sure that everything is positive and your puppy is not in any harms way.

Once they become juveniles, from about 5 months of age or so, you need to continue to socialise your dog up until about 18 months of age. It is key that your dog gets out and about and learns how to behave correctly with other dogs, under your direction of course.

Dog off leash parks can be great for this, but please make sure that you are in control of your dog and step in if there are any issues occurring with your dog and other breeds running around.

You want your dog to be well balanced and get on with other dogs, the more you socialise your dog, the more likely this will occur and you and your dog will be happier.

Praise your dog when he/she is socialising nicely with other dogs. The more praise you give your dog when they are showing desirable behaviours the more they will want to repeat them!

As your dog grows into an adult dog at around 2 years of age or so, get your dog out as much as possible and again socialise, socialise, socialise! Your dog will love you for it.

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