Really understand your dog

9 Jul

Really understand your dog

There are so many clients that come to me saying, "how does my breed go with socialising?", "what was the breed originally bred for?", "my breed is known for its aggression isnt it?"

All of these questions and more never have the same answers.  The dog breed does have certain quirks and at the end of the day your dogs personality is always different to any other dog and also the behaviours you are seeing will be mainly environmental, however some will be because of the breed you have chosen.

Really read up about your breed that you are thinking of owning or adopting.  This will make things so much easier on you and your dog and your family.  Basic obedience training will also help you get on track with your dog/puppy.  Make sure all methods are positive and gently but not 'fluffy' if that makes sense.

TheDogBlog can give you so many ideas on training and enrichment for your dog.

Find a trainer in your area that can help you and stick by you...really commit to getting you and your dog right and having the best relationship possible.

You can have the best relationship with your dog and really enjoy them and have fun in your life with your dog.

:) Happy training!

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