Enrichment for your dog

8 Aug

Enrichment for your dog

Here are some great ideas for providing enrichment for your dog.

Frozen bones and always make sure the bones are RAW.

Kong toy with treats stuffed really tight inside so it takes longer for your pet to get them out.

Puzzle balls, again putting treats in tightly so they take longer to get them out.

Scatter treats around the yard.....treats around the yard will keep your dogs mind occupied and also really take their mind off you leaving the house.

Hang rope toys around the place with peanut butter, vegemite (australian product), cheese spread, sticking liver treats to it and every time your dog tries to get the treats off the rope toy, it moves around!

Hide treats, bones, pig ears, veggie ears around the garden so your dog has to forage for them.

Veggie ears are SO great for enrichment for your dog, they are low in fat and every dog we've ever given them they love them!

Enrichment for your dog is so important. Really put some thought into what you can give your dog or puppy especially when you leave the house so that their mind is occupied, they get a treat, is great for their teeth and most of all after a full belly, they go to sleep for a while.

Enjoy making enrichment for your dog.

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