obedience with your dog

22 May

When undertaking obedience with your dog, simply ask your dog once. Don't ask your dog over and over to sit or drop. When you communicate simply and clearly with your dog you will get clear and quick results.

Don't expect too much of your dog.

Don't ask your dog to do stuff that is simply too hard for your dog.

Things include, asking your dog to sit and relax right outside a dog off leash park when your dog is so excited and will simply fight against you when all he or she wants to do is get in there and run around.

Ask your dog to come back to you in a dog off leash area when your dog hasn't been highly trained to do so.

Ask your dog to understand you when you are speaking a completely different language!

Always use positive and gentle methods when doing obedience with your dog.

Most of all, have fun!

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