Hard case....Staffy escaping and killing cats

29 Jul

Hard case....Staffy escaping and killing cats

This is a very hard case to solve...firstly we are going against nature as the prey drive in the dog is a natural response and also now because the dog has gained confidence through success of its venture, its very hard to reverse it. If any trainer tells you then can fix these types of problems 100% they are kidding you and not telling you the truth. Here are The Dog Blog, we don't use medications unless we really need to and will always work in conjunction with the vet very closely to make sure it is all done exactly right. Medications are only going to be a band-aid fix for any problems like this. We need to change the dogs thinking and get the dog to realise that it is in its benefit to not chase and kill but instead please the pack leader (Mum or Dad) and enjoy being around them and listening to the commands given by them instead. I'm off to see them now! I will keep you all posted.

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