Doggy Daycare

14 Mar

Doggy Daycare

The Dog Blog loves Doggy Daycare as a measure to keep your dog busy and happy whilst you are at work for the day.

Before you commit to putting your dog to Doggy Daycare just remember to check that the place is clean, controlled and managed well by the staff.

There should be good ventilation and fencing as well as fresh water, bedding and chill out areas too!

Small dogs should be kept to socialise with small dogs and same with large dogs.

Play time is important as it is a fun activity for the dogs and also tires them out for a nice afternoon nap.

The staff should have good knowledge on basic dog problems, care and help so that you as a client can feel confident that your dog will be looked after correctly during the time you leave him/her there.

Don't rely on Doggy Daycare as a fix to dog behaviour problems by any means, but instead as an extra activity for your dog to help break the boredom at home that can occur.

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