Is your dog cautious?

11 Jul

Is your dog cautious?

If you have a dog that is a cautious canine, then you CAN help him/her.  Its all about confidence building and getting your dog to trust and respect you.  Once you get this, your dog will be more confident in any situation because they know you are looking after the situation, environment and anything going on at the time.  If you dont react badly, your dog should also follow you AGAIN once you have the respect and trust from your dog(s).

Cautious canines can be very hard to read and I'm working with one at the moment, Lucy, she is a 10 month old cattle x bull terrier and very cautious, unfortunately she was abused quite badly and has bitten quite a few people but they havent been deep bites, not even breaking skin but nipping and quite repetitive.  The problem is with the wrong person she will break skin and thats not what we want as I need to find a good home for her.

So over the next couple of weeks I'm getting to know her really well and its not going to be easy.  She is going to be cautious of me and my actions as she wont know me, it doesnt matter if its male or female and she seems to really dislike ugg boots as well, not small ones, but big ones.  There are triggers all over the place for these types of dogs, but its really hard to pick the triggers and thats when trouble can occur.

There are LOTS of techniques and actions we can do to help our cautious canines.  Whoever you get to help these dogs please make sure they ae positive and effective methods, not fluffy and not to make the dog more stressed, thats really important.

So I'll keep updating what im doing with Lucy girl...she is so beautiful, she just doesnt trust and we have to teach her again that humans are ok and she can relax around them.

Wish me luck!

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