Fun play for your dog

27 May

We all love to play with our dogs and what better way to do it than in a way that improves your relationship with your dog and they don't have to be expensive or take lots of time either!

Some ideas for games with your dog are as follows -

Chasings with your dog - allow your dog to chase you around and encourage your dog to you in a positive way, give him/her lots of praise when they come to you! This will reward them lots and make them want to come to you more and more.

Tug of war - this is OK (if you are happy to do it of course), just make sure you win the game...that's right if you win, you will show your dog you are stronger and therefore you will get more respect from your dog as well. Be careful not to hurt your dogs mouth at all. Tug of war game can be fun and as long as its kept under control its actually something that can be quite good for both of you!

Game of Fetch - fetch can be taught easily and its fun and you will find it very rewarding when your dog does start bringing the toy back to you! Easy to do this, simply reward your dog with something of more value to your dog than what it has in its mouth.....your dog will want to come back to you and get that reward. Associate a word to the fetch game, so whether its 'fetch', 'get', or another word that you want to use then repeat it every time you want your dog to collect the toy or item and return it to you. You could even start by putting the dog on a leash and reeling the dog in to come to you!

Enjoy your games with your dog, you will find them very rewarding.

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