Pups at play!

12 Aug

How much is too much play for your puppy? When do you step in and stop it? How do you know when its getting too rough? What sounds do they make? Why are they doing certain things when they play?

These are all questions we get asked regularly in our premium puppy schools that we hold locally around Brisbane.

Let your puppy play with other pups firstly that are in the same vaccination stage or with older dogs that you know are fully vaccinated, that is the first thing to check. Your dog is at risk of getting sick if they are playing with a dog that you don't know their vaccination history and/or stage they are at.

Puppies learn during play how to handle different situations presented to them, how to look, sniff, react, touch, roll over, lie on, run, start games, many many things in order for them to understand what is acceptable behavior, what they like and also what they can handle.

As a new mum or dad of your puppy, if you feel you need to step in, do so, simply by using your 'ah ah' in a growly tone and break it up.

Remember it will always sound and look worse than what it actually is.

Let them play and carry on without getting too carried away, don't baby them too much, but don't let them get overwhelmed either.

You will get to learn what your puppy like and dislikes and also what noises your puppy might make if they are feeling too overwhelmed, nervous, uncertain or just too much in general.

Good luck with getting to know and understand your pup at play!

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