Xmas holidays and your dog

19 Dec

Xmas holidays and your dog

Every owner at some point wonders what they can do with their dog that will be fun, easy and cheap too. Get the kids involved if you can too! Read below for some ideas on what you can do with your dog in the holiday season.

Make lots of fun toys for your dog or puppy, get some plastic bottles and put holes in them, put treats inside and there you have it, you have made a treat toy from something that was going to be thrown out!

Make their other toys fun too, smear peanut butter, jelly, vegemite (whatever the us equivalent is!), then stick treats to that stuff on the outside of their toy. This makes their toys you have already bought more interesting and they will use them more and get more out of them!

Try to walk your dog every day, but if you can't, then get your dog out in the car for a drive around (they love the car!), get them to the park whilst you and your friends are playing soccer or baseball, take them to the beach and let them run around and get in the water for a swim! In the colder weather, keep your dog warm when out and about with a nice coat, this still allows you to get out with your dog without him getting cold too.

Only take your new puppy outside if your vet has said it's ok, they must be fully vaccinated before they are taken to outside areas to be safe.

Play lots of fun games in the home with your dog or new puppy, monkey n the middle, chasing games (dog chasing the human), tree game(whereby you run around then stop still like a tree getting your dog to sit then take off again once your dog has done the command), tug of war (making sure the human always win this and if the dog doesn't give it back, have a treat handy to give the dog he will let go of item to get treat), hide and seek through the house or around the yard.

Teach your dog some basic obedience by using the "Smart Dog Training" app, 12 easy, fun lessons to teach your dog basic commands and manners - all video based and can be done anywhere at anytime!

Learn to calm your dog properly and give him lots of cuddles and learn to pat him properly too - keep most pats to the top of the head or body, this tells them in a nice way that you are leader and especially with kids, they will be seen higher up in the heirarchy.

Dress your dog or new puppy up in a fun xmas outfit and send photos to The Dog Blog facebook page www.facebook.com/thedogblog, we have great competitions running all the time for fun photos being sent through to The Dog Blog team!

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