Technology and your pet

29 Sep

Technology and your pet

There are actually quite a few tech gadgets out there for you and your pet. This list below details some of them available:

1. The Toshiba Petbook - this has a bone tracker and is slobber proof!
2. Bark to text software - allows full translation of ruff language!
3. Pet doorbell wireless chime mat - allows your dog to tell you when it wants to come inside or go outside!
4. And lastly the best one of course by far is our own "Smart Dog Training" iPhone app, which also runs on iPad, iTouch and various operating systems for the apple devices. 12 lessons to train your dog on a budget, fully interactive.

Have a look around and see what you can find thats fun and interesting but make sure the tech gadgets don't hurt your dog.

Woof! Pepper and Lochie.

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