Great treats for your dog

There are so many doggie treats out there on the market these days, owners just don't know what to get, so they tend to buy a bit of everything, often costing a lot of money. Some of the treats can also be a little on the not so healthy side for your best friend. Try some of these as options to keep costs down and your dog happy and healthy at the same time.

Frozen bones - bones from your butcher, not too much fat on them and freezing them makes them last longer as well as makes your dog think more about how its going to get to the flavour and enjoy the bone as it slowly defrosts. (Check with your vet in case your pet has teeth issues as bones can cause teeth to chip or break)

Their daily meal - use your dogs daily meal as part of the treat process, this involves the dog working more for its food, keeping its mind active and you not having to buy extra to treat your dog. This works particularly well if your dog has dry kibble as its main diet. Put the dry kibble in a plastic bottle that has some holes in it and let your dog work out how to get the kibble out so it can chomp on the pieces as they fall out. Great alternative to buying expensive treat toys too - use a plastic bottle that's going to get thrown out anyway. We used to do this a lot at the RPSCA to keep the dogs happy and thinking as well as keeping the costs to the charity down.

Frozen iceblocks - these are great, particulary in the Qld summers when things do heat up. Keep your icecream or butter containers and fill them with water and beef or chicken stock, that gives that yummy flavour without having to spend lots on the treats. Again, this will keep your dog focused and thinking about how to get to the flavour and enjoy the treat. Also GREAT for puppies when they are teething as the coolness of the iceblock helps with soothing any soreness or pressure they are feeling with their teeth and mouth changing. If you have a couple in your freezer, you will always have something to give your puppy or dog as you are about to leave the house.

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