Q&A: Puppy Training

Question - We want to know more about puppy training. Our new Border Collie gets a bit excited when he sees us come in of an afternoon - and he sometimes wets himself - it doesnt matter where he is (inside or outside the house!). Also - he's got great personality and was doing well with the basic commands (sit, drop) but we cannot get him to stay, and these days he just gives up altogether and shows no interest in the training...he's about 14 weeks or so now...and such an adorable little guy but just very naughty at times, hence why we need puppy training!! We're trying to keep him stimulated - games, taking him for walks etc. But for some reason he finds it all a bit boring now - even when we use treats as rewards!

Answer - When your puppy is this young, don't expect too much out of your dog with the puppy training. Just be patient and perservere with your training. I know you have the smartest breed! (thats the last report we read last week!) At this age, you can't expect your dog to be wonderdog.

With puppy training, do it slowly, simply and consistently, use treats, but over time wean your dog off treat training. You want your dog to listen to you with puppy training and respect you so that your dog wants to please you.

Once your dog is fully vaccinated, get your dog into level 1 obedience classes, then level 2, etc. agility training etc etc. All of these levels are after the initial puppy training. All of this puppy training and more will stimulate your dogs mind and tire your dog mentally.

Remember, it can be very draining for dogs. Ten minutes of puppy training for your dog is like a human studying for 2 hours.

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