Fun games to play with your dog

One of the best things about having a dog is playing games and they LOVE it.

Some of our favourites are -

Fetch - that's a pretty obvious one and definitely fun to teach even at an older age, handy too if you want your dog to collect things for you.

Tug of War - this one is pretty good too, just remember to stay a good leader for your dog, you win this game, don't let your dog win otherwise you might have some challenging of your position occurring, remember winning a game like this shows who is bigger, better, smarter and stronger!

Wrestling games - try to keep these to a minimum, these can cause your dog to become more mouthy and potentially aggressive, particularly if you have kids in your household we suggest you don't encourage this type of game.

Piggy in the Middle - this is a fun one for all the family to play - everyone forms a circle (dog in middle) and one by one you call the dog to you and ask him to sit, give him lots of reward then the next person does the same thing - the dog loves it, you get to have your dog do what you ask and your dog gets a great reward from each person in the circle. Food treats are especially good for this one and is fun because even smaller children can be involved.

Chasing games - these are also lots of fun and can be done anywhere, anytime! Just try to have the dog chase you rather than the other way around. Remember you want to stay in control of as many games as possible to keep your position as leader strong.

So go and practice, have some fun and you will also build your relationship with your best friend.....woof!

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