Mat Training your dog!

It's easy to introduce mat training to your dog. Mat training is where you want your dog to return to his or her 'mat'.

Start by having an area in your house/living area where the mat will be placed. Allow your dog or puppy to be near the mat and on a lead that is attached to something or maybe even you holding it if the mat is close to you and where you might be sitting. A good example is say at night time you are sitting on your lounge and it's time for you to have a practise at mat training your dog.

Have them on the mat and every time they are either near it or look to get onto it, reward your dog. You can reward using treats or a vocal praise, even sprinkle the treats on the mat area making it more attractive to your dog. The more you reward the more likely your dog will want to stay on that mat area.

Start using the 'mat' command and repeat it, repeat it, repeat it and get your dog to start to learn that 'mat' means the place your dog is currently sitting.

Practise this over a few nights and you will find that your dog is learning quickly that he or she gets reward and praise when they are on their mat. Don't worry yet about sitting or dropping on the mat, but instead with mat training simply have your dog on the area.

Mat training can be really easy and fun, and soon enough your doggie will be knowing where he or she can hang out and you can rest assured that your dog is more under control in your house.