We love that you love your dogs!

20 Nov

Here at The Dog Blog we are constantly trawling articles, websites, facebook pages, tweets and much more to learn how much people love their dogs. This is the amazing thing about having a dog, they really are your best friend - they give you unconditional love, they don't talk back, they are always there to listen, they always are ready for a cuddle and they love keeping fit with you too!

On The Dog Blog facebook page we are always publishing or sharing a link we like or agree with as well as asking owners lots of questions and getting owners interacting and sharing their stories about their wonderful dogs.

Each afternoon before puppy schools begin and client sessions have finished Trainer Nic sees many owners out walking their dogs, enjoying leisurely strolls with their pals, or energetic runs with their dogs - each owner has their own way of relaxing and enjoying time with their mutt.

It really does bring a smile to our faces when we see how much people interact with their animals and look after their pets.

Keep it up all you wonderful dog owners out there, we are very proud of you!

Woof woof

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