Christmas with your pets

Hi everyone! Just a few tips for you leading up to Xmas and keeping your pets safe.

Remember some foods that you need to avoid giving to your dog and these are especially abundant at Xmas time.

Raw potatoes
Cooked bones
Alcohol (yes we have to mention this one!)
Human medication

Also, keep your dogs and puppies away from cabling and electrical points with your Xmas lighting around the house.

Xmas decorations that are in reach of your puppy and young dog will be a key target for them to try to rip off the tree and chew on them. They are full of bells, tinsel and small objects that can ben swallowed easily.

Don't change your dogs diet or routine over the Xmas break if you can help it.

If your dog is crate trained and you do go away take the crate with you! They will love it and feel more comfortable in a new environment.

Let your dog retreat to their crate or bed area regularly if you have lots of visitors during the break. They can get overwhelmed and want some time on their own.

Watch kids and young children around your dog or puppy, particularly if they are eating a bone or yummy treat. It's best to keep them separate during these times to avoid any problems.

If it's warm where you are at there's lot of fun in and around the swimming pool, make sure your dogs aren't at risk of falling in the pool and that they know how to swim. Especially your puppies as they can sometimes fit through the gaps in the pool fencing and they can fall in, not realising what the pool is.

Have lots of fresh water for them always and top it up daily, preferably in a really big bucket or bowl so that there's lots there for them to drink.

Have fun these Xmas holidays and enjoy your pup or doggies and keep them safe!

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