Smart Pup Pre-School

Premium Puppy Schools

Puppy Schools
  • 4 weeks, 1 hour each week - $160.00 per puppy inc GST.
  • Various locations around Brisbane

Next puppy school begins Monday 24 October 2016 -

Red Hill Veterinary Clinic

48 Enoggera Tce, Red Hill

7.15pm each Monday night.

These classes are run by Trainer Nic, she will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about owning, caring, feeding, grooming, correcting, praising, training your puppy dog. Puppies are accepted from 8 - 20 weeks of age and the puppies are socialised in a very controlled and safe way. Your puppy only needs to have HAD ITS FIRST VACCINATION ONLY to attend these premium puppy schools. All of the classes are held inside CLEAN AND MANAGED rooms whereby the pups are not at risk of getting sick. Many puppy schools don't care for this or they are held outside in whereby your puppy is in danger of getting sick. All of the content in The Dog Blog Smart Pup pre-schools are approved by Vets and Behaviourists so that the content and information given is of the highest level and value to you and your puppy.

The format of the classes is very flexible, so if you as a new Mum or Dad have other questions about other issues or behaviour problems that you are experiencing with your puppy, Nic will go out of her way to ensure that they are answered and you do get results.

There are giveaways and a fun graduation as well where NO PUPPY FAILS, we've heard this many times can your puppy fail!?! Never, at our puppy classes your puppy is the most important thing to you and to us. We make sure your entire experience is enjoyable, fun, knowledgeable but most of all beneficial for your new pup and its needs right through this crucial stage in its life.