About Us

Pepper and Lochie

The Dog Blog is about a little corner of the digital world dedicated to helping dog owners and dog lovers care, train, help and enjoy their pets. The Dog Blog is packed full of information for teaching your best friend how to behave, making sure their diet and exercise levels are correct and showing everyone the best way for new dogs to engage with children in a family environment.

As well as offering interactive lessons, feedback and a caring community through our website, we have developed our own iPhone application to assist in training your dog in the park or your garden and the whole family can be involved.

Our facebook page is very popular and is a great community of dog lovers sharing their photos, stories and advice, all working together to provide a service which is desperately needed for dog owners out there.

All this is done by your dog trainer, Nicola (Trainer Nic), with the help of Pepper and Lochie, our faithful German Shephard and Border Collie, our Cheeky Chica girl and Reggie the New Zealand Huntaway who offer input, help and the odd cheeky comment on our blog and much needed help for kids who have lots of questions about why their dog or puppy might be doing something they don’t understand. Pepper, Lochie, Chica and Reggie will answer all those questions, or the content might be in the blog already, which is easy to search. The idea of TheDogBlog came about as our “Trainer Nic” realised much needed information isn’t getting out to the families that need help with their pooch and many dogs are given away or put to sleep simply because of a behaviour that they don’t know how to fix. Most of these problems are actually very easy to fix and with our help, we can get you and your faithful pooch on the right track to a long and happy life together. Having a dog is meant to be fun, not annoying or a burden.  Trainer Nic is a highly regarded Dog Behaviourist and has studied under Veterinary Behaviourists as well as having been trained by Australia’s own ‘Dog Whisperer’ and gained the award of ‘Rookie of the Year’ when working with his company.  Also having studied many texts written by some of the worlds best dog experts, Nic has created a positive way of teaching kids, mums and families out there the basics on how to get on top of their doggie problems.  Nic has studied Applied Science majoring in Animal Behaviour.  Nic has won many awards in the past and The Dog Blog was a finalist in the Quest Business Awards here in Brisbane, Australia.  Nic also speaks at various forums about dog behaviour and what she has learned over the years in order to help veterinary nurses and other staff understand their clients needs with their dogs.  Check us out and we hope we can help you! If you wish to enrol in any of our courses, please email us at classes@thedogblog.com.au and we will get back to you asap with all the information and dates for the latest classes in your area!  We also have many testimonials, if you wish to see any of these please email us at info@thedogblog.com.au and we will happily send you the information.  Happy training!