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A few testimonials too

“Nicola has been a great and very important person in our dog’s life as well as in ours. She not only helped our beautiful, yet very stubborn black Labrador (Gimli), but she also had taught us how to help him. She has helped Gimli overcome his fear of stairs as well as it is OK to relax and be a normal dog, since he was constantly in alert to protect the house and us. Although Gimli is a beautiful and sweet soul, he has the same amount of stubbornness… For Nicola and us it has been a long and hard process to “shape” him to a happy and relaxed dogie but it was all worthy and we would do it all over again just to see our baby as happy as he is now! Thank you so much Nic for all the help and for making Gimli a relax soul. 2016”

Carla, Diogo and Gimli Cunha

“We adopted AJ, a 2 year old American Staffy cross from RSPCA and our vet recommended Nicola to help us with AJ’s insecurities issues commonly associated with rescues. Nicola is confident and knowledged, and it shows as AJ responded to her instantly. We have been so inspired. AJ used to pull on harness whenever another dog or small animal walked by, but with the right correction techniques and equipments that Nicola had shown us, AJ now can calmly sit and stay on command when they pass by. We now have the confident in AJ off lead and play with other dogs in dog parks, this is very important to us because we want a well balanced dog. After Nicola’s first visit, both AJ and us had already learned so much. We have no hesitation to recommend Nicola to anyone. Thank you again Nicola and kindest regards. 2016”

Jessica and Tony Lowe

“Nicola transformed my noisy, feisty and unsociable puppy Lola into the well mannered sociable creature she is today. I use all her dog training techniques in our every day routine. We also learned some fun tricks and she is the life of the party whenever we have company. I cannot thank Nicola enough for all her help.”

Zena & Lola

“Nic is an angel. She helped me shape my rambunctious golden retriever puppy into the perfect pet. No matter what your experience with dog training, Nic can teach you something new.”

Julian and Butterscotch

“Thank you Nicola and the Dog Blog team, you have been an absolute godsend for me and my family and our wayward boxer pup, Lucky.
I had been unfortunate in my dealings with other dog professionals before meeting you, they had led me (and consequently Lucky) up the garden path with outdated techniques and methods that left us all out of sync and with quite an unhappy and stressful situation in our family. You set us straight with your humane yet firm manner, your ability to relate to humans in a warm way and your gift in dealing with dogs that is amazing. In essence, you are a dog lover who is great at teaching humans how to get the best out of their furry friends. Lucky and I have never looked back and I simply would not recommend anybody else for the job that you have done. You have gone beyond the scope of what I expected for my money and have adapted the training program to suit our individual needs and been very flexible which I appreciate greatly. I love how you continue to stay in touch with us to check up on Lucky’s progress. Thank you Nicola, we now have a happy puppy who is content in his pack. Big puppy licks from Lucky and much love”

The Lane Fossilo Family,
Ferny Hills xxxx

“I have known Nicola since my dog and me attended her puppy school at the Wilston Vet. Since that time my dog, Toby, and myself have attended further classes with her as an instructor and she has looked after Toby a number of times while I was on vacation.

I can honestly say that I have never met anybody who lives and breathes dogs as much as Nicola does. I can text her at pretty much any time of day with a dog problem and I receive a quick answer. Not that I have many problems with Toby, as the dog she trained is, apart from frequent mud-baths, a well behaved and very child-friendly dog.

Nicola’s dog-training courses that I have attended are always well organised. She is always prepared for any eventuality, even if some of the dog owners aren’t. The way Nicola sets-up the class is very well structured and her way of presentation is consistent, friendly and dog focused. And there is always time for a joke or two.

I recommend Nicola dog-training services to anybody who owns a dog.

Kind regards”

Sven Lotzvie

“We first heard about Nicola Anderson from our vet in mid 2010, however we weren’t too sure about training and tried to manage our very lively young beagle by ourselves. However by the end of 2010 we realised that we definitely needed some expert guidance as things were out of control. My husband and I weren’t sure what we had gotten ourselves into but were quickly relieved when Nicola began to help us to manage our wilful girl with correct guidance and leadership. When Nicola first arrived at our place there was a long list of behaviours that our dogs were exhibiting that were unacceptable, and she immediately set to work training both them and us – she is an amazing dog trainer for Lily and Charlie, as well as being incredibly supportive of us.

Nicola has exceptional knowledge and experience and has helped us begin to thoroughly enjoy our lively young beagle, instead of referring to her as “the little beast”. She has helped us with everything from leadership, to feeding, training and walking – and she is always available by text to answer any questions we have.

Nicola is a devoted dog owner as well as an incredibly competent dog trainer who is recommended highly within the industry – several vets and other doggy places we have been to have her card and recommend her service. She is supportive and provides exceptional guidance and training that allows you to enjoy your dog’s company and ensure they are well behaved members of the family. My husband and I would highly recommend Nicola’s services as she really helped us and made our lives with the dogs so much more enjoyable.”

Kari Sutton
Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

“I first met Nicola Anderson at Puppy school in October 2009 with my very bouncy excited puppy and two very excited children. My husband and I were not sure what we got ourselves into but were quickly relieved when Nicola began to help us to manage our puppy with correct guidance and leadership. Nicola has been an amazing dog trainer and friend to Miley and our family. She has exceptional knowledge and experience with puppies and full grown dogs and has helped us to survive our first puppy year and to thoroughly enjoy our dog. She has helped us with everything from leadership, feeding, tricks and training to barking and walking – any questions we have she is able to solve.
Nicola has an obvious love and devotion towards her Dog training and new business venture and shows a positive and enthusiastic influence towards her problem solving. I have no hesitation in taking any of her advice and I recommend her to all my friends with dogs. She is a caring and very knowledgeable dog-lover and her efforts towards Miley and myself are clearly demonstrated by the behaviour she has helped us to foster in our dog.”

Maria Clark,
Brisbane, Australia.

“We sought nicola’s help when our 12 week old puppy was showing signs of fear aggression. With Nicola’s help we learnt how to train our dog & curb this behavior. Being our first puppy we had no idea how to train or react when he was getting aggressive. We learnt that his behavior was being reinforced by us & with nicolas advice & training we learnt how to deal with it. After 4 weeks we saw a noticeable difference & are pleased with the results. 4 months on, we still use the techniques & nicola keeps in contact with us to check how we are all going. We have reccomended nicola to our friends & wouldn’t hesitate recommending her in the future. If it wasn’t for her help we may not have been able to keep our much loved puppy due to his aggressive behaviour”.

Brisbane, Australia.

“I sent both of my puppies to puppy school run by Nicola Anderson. It was very professionally run and a great way to get young dogs to meet and communicate with other dogs.
I had a few issues with Corrie my Westie, Nicola came out to our house, looked at the setup and advised us on some changes. She then spent a few sessions with the dog. We were always involved and like most dog owners realised that we had to make changes for the dog to know who was the pack leader.
The results were amazing. We have never looked back and Nicola always kept in touch to check we were not falling back into our old ways!
I would certainly recommend Nicola to any dog owner”.

Gill Anderson
Brisbane Australia

Nic with pack two