In-home dog behaviour sessions

In-home dog behaviour sessions


At a time that suits you and your family
Trainer Nic can fix all of your common issues
1.5 hour session in-home, 2-4 sessions needed.
1st session $330, 2nd session $330, 3rd and further sessions $310 Inc GST.
Covering all areas of the Brisbane area.
These in-home sessions are required if you are experiencing any of the following problems with your dog(s).

Barking and have received neighbour/council complaints
Separation anxiety, particularly when living in apartments
Providing enrichment for your dog
New borns arriving in-home, dog jealousy occurring
Sibling rivarly between 2 dogs or more (each dog past 1 is an extra $20
Aggression issues with food, toys, personal items, lead, fence, dog parks
Aggreesion issues with dog to people (mild to medium ONLY)
Jumping up on you and your family or when visitors are arriving into your home
Lack of manners in the home in general
Dominant behaviours in the home
Chewing and destruction in the home
Doggy and Puppy toileting problems in the home
Dog not sleeping
Crate training problems
Mat training problems
Pulling on the lead/leash
Attention seeking
Escaping no matter what you have tried
Not listening to you AT ALL
Not coming to you when called
Anything else that is causing lack of harmony in your household with your dog!


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