In-Home Puppy Set-Ups

In-Home Puppy Set-Ups

  • 1.5 hours in your home – $330 inc GST.
  • Covering all areas of Brisbane

These sessions are necessary when you are experiencing ANY of the following with your new PUPPY into the home –

  • Not sleeping
  • Whining/barking
  • Attention seeking
  • Toilet training problems
  • Nervousness/phobias
  • Chewing/destruction
  • Nipping at children/adults
  • Stealing items
  • Escaping
  • Not walking on lead
  • Not listening to you
  • Crate training
  • Mat training
  • How to feed correctly
  • How to play correctly
  • How to correct your pup
  • How to praise your pup
  • How to choose correct equipment for your pup
  • Not playing nicely with other dogs

These sessions are very popular and really get you off on the right paw so to speak. We are on tap to you with any questions, problems you are experiencing and after following what we teach you, you will have harmony back in your household in no time.


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