New puppy and chewing

Got a new puppy and find its chewing everything? Well follow some basics and you will be well on your way! Puppies are looking for stimulation and also they need something to constantly chew on – this is a big problem for new puppy owners. Give them toys and things to chew on that you […]

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Kids and Dogs

Having kids and dogs in the home getting on together is such a common problem. Follow these basic tips to help you take off on the right paw! Don’t leave kids and dogs unattended together, especially any children under the age of 10. Have a ‘chill-out’ area for your dog to relax in if kids […]

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Puppy schools

Puppy schools Looking to take your puppy to puppy school? Read the following and make sure your local puppy school is doing the following – It is held in a very clean and controlled environment, not outside. Your puppy can get very sick if they are allowed to be at a place whereby there is […]

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