Brisbane Dog Training

From Brisbane’s Most Accomplished & Capable Dog Trainer…

  • Want your dog walking perfectly?
  • Want that constant barking to stop?
  • Want have your dog coming back to you off leash?

“Give me just 30 minutes and I can transform a headstrong and potentially dangerous dog into a safe, obedient, and tail wagging friend who will bring years of sheer joy to your home and family…”
– Trainer Nic

  • Whatever your breed…
  • Whatever your K9 problems…
  • Whatever the age of your dog…

Are you dealing with annoying and even expensive dog issues? Or maybe your pampered pooch is already pretty good, but just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction…

I can train even the “worst of the worst” to sit, roll over, come when called, and never again pull you down the road.

I’m Nicola (aka “Trainer Nic”) and I was “Rookie of the Year” when I trained with Australia’s famous Dog Whisperer. Newspapers, TV networks, and radio stations in Australia, Canada, and America have relied on me for the most effective dog training advice.

I’ve successfully trained thousands of Brisbane dogs and have provided them with the following services…

  • Smart Pup Pre-School: enjoy a well-behaved dog, right from the start.
  • Smart Dog Behaviour Consultations: address specific problems without disrupting your schedule.
  • Private 6-lesson Obedience Package:. home-based obedience training.
  • In-home puppy setups. Minimise messes and damage.

Click here for the full list of classes or email .

8 Reasons Brisbane Dog Owners Trust Me With Their Dogs

  1. Qualifications: one of the most capable and accomplished dog trainers in Brisbane, Australia
  2. Experience: I’ve heard about or experienced EVERY dog issue there is…then solved the problem.
  3. Flexibility: private lessons or in-home consults around your schedule…
  4. Happier Dogs: a professionally-trained dog is a happier dog.
  5. A Safer Home: I help to create a safer K9 environment for children and the neighbourhood.
  6. Humane methods: all positive methods used with no harm to your dog.
  7. A Great Investment: reduce the chance of messes and a chewed up house…
  8. Guarantee: every dog PASSES or I keep training for no charge…

“”Nic is an angel. She helped me shape my rambunctious golden retriever puppy into the perfect pet. No matter what your experience with dog training, Nic can teach you something new” .”
— Julian Hirst, Brisbane

“”Extremely professional treatment from Nicola, she sure knows her training and dogs. Puppy school was unbelievable good and unbeatable atmosphere!! Good communication and personalised treatment in a fun learning environment. She will give you the well needed basic guides to get your puppy “set up” and help with those hard first few weeks of settling your puppy into your home. It’s all about socialisation at this stage, and Nic provided invaluable guides and tips on how to handle our hyper Collie :) She has gone far and beyond with our puppy, providing personalised support and being really involved in the development of our young and active collie. Overall 5 stars, and would recommend to anyone to take the most advantage of the highly experience of Nicola with your new member of the family!” .”
— Javier De La Calera, Brisbane

contact me now and let’s change your dog’s life for the better…and get that tail wagging!